Liquid Ladies volume 7 

2hrs - BTZ Productions 2005

1) ROSMARY'S AUDITION: Taylor gives Rosemary an underwater training lesson
2) TWINS IN THE RAW: Twin, Jenniifer and Shawna in a nude underwater pool session
3) LINGERIE & BUBBLES: Taylor and the Twins in an underwater lingerie show
4) BIKINI SPLASH: Tracey Wolfe teaches Ivy how to model bikinis underwater
5) POOLTIME FOR PANTYHOSE:  Tracie Z goes underwater swimming fully clothed with pantyhose
6) HILLBILLY GIRL: Tracey Wolfe as "Ellie May" dives underwater in the old cement pool
7) CHRISTINA'S MASK & FINS: New model Christina in her pink bikini, mask & fins underwater
8) SANDY'S AFTERNOON SWIM: Sandy Knight goes underwater swimming in her best dress & stockings
LL071001.jpg LL071002.jpg LL071003.jpg LL071004.jpg LL071005.jpg LL071006.jpg
LL071007.jpg LL072001.jpg LL072002.jpg LL072003.jpg LL072004.jpg LL072005.jpg
LL072006.jpg LL073001.jpg LL073002.jpg LL073003.jpg LL073004.jpg LL073005.jpg
LL073006.jpg LL073007.jpg LL073008.jpg LL074001.jpg LL074002.jpg LL074003.jpg
LL074004.jpg LL074005.jpg LL074006.jpg LL074007.jpg LL074008.jpg LL075001.jpg
LL075002.jpg LL075003.jpg LL075004.jpg LL075005.jpg LL075006.jpg LL075007.jpg
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