Mother & Daughter & 2 Sisters too

See Tracie's new friends "Mother & Daughter" team Desi and Ellie, as they spend the day having fun
in the water and UNDER the water at the TZmodels aquatic auditions and training sessions. Also making
a comeback are the 2 sisters Taylor and her younger sister Jade, who show Desi and Ellie how to have
fun in the pool.  This production was made entirely with high definition HD cameras (both topside and
underwater) and is the first all HD production from TZmodels.

This DVD contains 2hrs of wetlook and underwater sessions, and contains the following scenes.

UNDERWATER - SCUBA TRAINING: The four girls train in scuba gear and learn to get comfortable
with being underwater. Taylor, our most experienced underwater model, shows the other girls the ropes. 
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WETLOOK - FRENCH MAIDS AT PLAY: Desi and Jade have some fun cleaning up the house and playing
in the pool, and then they get soaped up and deluged with water gushes from Tracie's water flusing machine.
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UNDERWATER - AQUATIC FOREPLAY:  Taylor shows Ellie how to have way too much fun underwater.
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WETLOOK - AEROBICS:  Desi, Ellie and Jade get a really wet workout by the pool and in the pool.
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WETLOOK & UNDERWATER:  It's the Hooters Girls (Taylor & Jade) versus the Star Trek Girls (Desi & Ellie)
getting a good soaking and then it's time for an underwater fashion show to see who can do the best poses underwater.
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